Can the software run on a pi 2?

Might be a daft questions but can I run the farmbot image on a raspberry pi 2?

Hi @mr.a,

this might answer your question:

For now we are only building and supporting Raspberry Pi 3. Pull Requests are very welcome if you spot a bug or fix, but for now we suggest obtaining a Raspberry Pi 3 for the best support.


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Any as an extension to what @volkc explained.

Yes the software can run on the rpi2, but i have disabled support for it as of right now. I don’t have time to maintain all the other raspberry pi’s at this time unfortunately, but its on our roadmap to bring them back.

You do know you can’t even buy a new pi 2? Its probably better to just adopt the pi 3 as your base platform. Its quite a bit better in several respects – especially in how the flash card is retained. In a moving device, that might be an issue for a pi 2.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. The reason I ask is i have flashed the farmbot latest version to the SD card. Plugged it into the Pi and nothing happens. I have a wipi dongle plugged into the pi and my laptop cannot see the farmbot network.

Ok, are you trying to run the current version of software on a Pi 2? If so, that’s a problem as its will only run on a Pi 3. The reason I ask is that the Pi 3 has wifi on the motherboard and you said you were using a USB wifi adapter, so I’m guessing you have a Pi 2.

For clarity, you generally can’t use a Pi 2 OS build on a Pi 3 or vs versa. They processors are quite different between the two. That’s not a farmBot problem, its the way the Pi foundation decided to move forward on their platform.

Thank you for the information, that would be why! Is there a Version of the Farmbot OS software for Pi 2 somewhere?

Nevermind found it!
Ill let you know how it goes.

The current version of their software is quite a bit more advanced than that version. What I’d suggest is you confirm that your Pi works with that version and then you will have some decisions to make going forward:

  1. You could try and build the Pi 2 image of their newest version. Quite doable, its not that hard to make Pi images if you’ve ever build a linux distro before is fairly tame as the Pi is a well supported platform with a good community around it.

  2. You could wait till the FarmBot team has a chance to catch their breath and build a newer Pi 2 image. It might be a while, but I think they are still committed to doing Pi 2 and Zero images.

  3. You could switch to a Pi 3.

In the mean while I hope the older Pi2 image will work for you.

So as stated in the readme, we aren’t supporting other raspberry pi versions at this time.

I used to build versions of the OS for other rpis, but never tested any of them. We suggest you get an rpi3.