Can tomatoes be grown with farm bot?

Can tomatoes be grown using farmbot?
The videos look like the plant height and tomato cages would not be compatible.


The farmbot is currently 50cm over the soil so either you grow tomotoes vertically or you upscale the farmbot height
It would requires to adapt vslots, cables, leadscrew, etc…

Ok! I’m confused. What do you mean by vertically?? I would think what I do now, with cages etc, is to encourage vertical growth. My plants are usually 4’ ± tall.

sorry i meant horizontally

A few more questions in this case:

  1. When you grow peas or tomatoes; do you use cages or structures for them to grow on? It seems like that would trip up a blind CNC, but then again it must adapt to plant height somehow…
  2. Without a cage or structure how do those grow? Just droop down to the ground and grow an lay against the soil? Does that cause problems with fruit/vegetable quality?