Can we use ultra cheap encoders form VEX?

So I should preface this with two things, one this has to do with both hardware and software but I think it is more of a hardware problem so that´s why I´m posting this here, two I am a newb so I apologize if this has been covered here, but I did not encounter it.

Now for the meat of my problem, I am trying to build a FarmBot for a high school technology capstone project. I have so far gotten the price down to about ~600 dollars by 3d printing everything at my school (it’s free) buying cheap Chinese equivalents to a lot of the open build stuff. But I have gotten rid of the encoders because they are pretty expensive considering I have to finance this myself as a high school student. I have been offered free Vex quadrature encoders, they are 90 ppr and regularly plugged into the vex cortex (you will have to look up the pinout I don´t know it off the top of my mind), would I be able to use these to replace the other encoders? (they are not waterproof but it will be used in a greenhouse so I don’t care) And what would I have to do to adapt for those, and how would I have to change the software/pinout?

Thanks for your time,
David Hickox

Hi David,

My first guess is that this would be do-able, but I really can’t say for sure because I am unfamiliar with those encoders. Also keep in mind that if you are trying to save money as your primary goal then you don’t need the encoders at all - you can just hope that FarmBot doesn’t miss steps, and/or use cheap endstops.

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Yeah, I saw a post about that, but I would rather not have the FarmBot coming off the tracks (even with end stops who knows) considering my grade could depend on it, and a lot of money. Out of curiosity I noticed you guys have a little ¨thanks¨ on your home page, do any of the inventors still belong because I have a membership for at least the next couple months and that would be easier than using the forums, of course, if you would be willing to help, I’m sure you have plenty of work on your hands.

Hi David,

Rick Carlino here. I’m the lead software dev and a co-founder of Fox.Build. My schedule has been very strange for the last month but will be very normal starting Monday.

Shoot me a message on slack if you want to meet in person- I will work out of Fox.Build regularly during the week, but don’t usually mark the days on my calendar (so it’s best to coordinate ahead of time).

Best of luck on the build and see you at the space.

Rick Carlino

EDIT: When I say slack, I mean the Fox.Build slack chan: