Canadian Farmbot harvest recap

I’m up here in nova scotia and just wanted to post about how happy i was with my Farmbot harvest last season. I had cherry tomatoes at the end of the Farmbot bed, lemon balm and sage for tea, a few green peppers, radishes (that the slugs loved), Pac choy, Swiss chard, and butter lettuce! The Farmbot did a wonderful job all season long and was easily taken down for the winter. Im looking forward to the next season and will keep some of the same veggies as well as try some new ones!


Awesome! Glad to hear you had a great harvest. We would love to see a few photos if you are willing to share :slight_smile: Which FarmBot do you have?


Hey Rory! I have the Farmbot genesis! Here is my best photo…

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Here is the layout of the my Farmbot. At the front there is Swiss chard , butter lettuce, bok choy, chives, in the middle there is green peppers, radishes, and in the back there is lemon balm, sage and cherry tomatoes!


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