Cant reset password

Hi, new to farm bot trying to setup one for my School/TAFE.

Password didnt get set correctly now trying to reset I get the email click the link but it says:

Wrong Link

You have clicked on an invalid link. Please make sure that you have typed the link correctly. If are copying this link from a mail reader please ensure that you have copied all the lines in the link.

URL starts like this, I have cut it short for security reasons:

Tried on Chrome and Edge, tried on 4G outside of school network same error.

Stuck cant get farmbot to do anything after a long couple days build :frowning:

@farmbot1 You will receive an email from me shortly (sent to the email associated with your forum account).

For security reasons, I will need your order number before I can provide additional assistance. I will continue this discussion over direct email. Thanks.