Can't set motor current more than 939 milliamps

Hello, I have Genesis MAX made by my own with original Farmduino v1.5 (Farmbot OS 14.1.2). I need a bit more power to move my long and heavy X-axis cable carrier. I tried to increase “motor current” but faced following issue. When I enter any value less than 940 milliamps it works properly, 939 milliamps settings correspond about 820 milliamps on motor (stopped but active). When I set it to 940 milliamps it drops more than 10 times. Any bigger value gives less than 900 milliamps on motor. What should I check to solve this?

I’ve never seen this problem before @aketkov so I will need to talk to the team and see if they have any ideas.

PS: We enjoying hearing updates about your build progress. Please do let us know how it is going.

Thank you very much!

It’s not so easy because I’m not a professional CNC builder :slight_smile: It would be a long read if I try to describe my build progress :slight_smile:

I have finished installation of all parts, I’ve solved connectivity issues. I need to do something with water because silicon pipe was destroyed by high pressure but I know what I should do and how. Y-axis and Z-axis works good. Only X-axis is between me and harvest :slight_smile: I have long and heavy cable carrier and close to home position there is not enough power to move gantry.

I guess my issue may be result of using different stepper motor. I had to find analogue because we had some shipping problems and I decided to use stepper motor SL42STH48-1684B like this: Silver 42mm Bipolar SL42STH48 1684 01 Stepping Motor DC12V 1.68A Two Phase Stepper Motors with 4 lead Cable|step motor|stepper motormotor dc12v - AliExpress It is very similar to original but has a bit different resistance - 2 Ohm. When I faced motor stalls and other problems on X-axis I thought I need more powerful stepper motor. Now I’m using FL57STH56-2804 Datasheet is here: FL57STH56-2804B Motor Datasheet pdf - Stepping Motor. Equivalent, Catalog This motor has only 0.9 Ohm resistance. Could it cause the problem?
I face one more issue - every ~8.5 meters X-motor stalls. When I send new moving command it continue moves but stops at next 8.5 meters. Same reason?

Theoretically TMC2130 can provide up to 2.0 A and I expect it is enough for my goals. I find I can enter even more in settings like 3000 or 6000 milliamps. I thing it would be better to limit this value by 2000 milliamps but give us opportunity to get real 2.0A for stepper motor.

@aketkov I talked to the team and unfortunately, no one had any good ideas as to why that is happening. Since this is a non-standard setup (as opposed to a kit) it is difficult to know for sure.

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