Can't write sequences to save my life

Hello, I have been working with my schools FarmBot for some time now and I can’t figure out how to connect all the sequences together. Could somebody give me a few pointers?

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Hey FarmBot fans,

In the very near future (next few months) we will release the Variables feature into FarmBot OS and it will be much easier to automate the weeding process. We will also “Seed” each account with basic sequences so that it really helps getting over the initial hurtle of creating the sequence building mindset.

The Variables feature will allow for a “Water All” and “Weed bed” feature where weeding will be done throughout the bed. Stay tuned for this amazing update!

Rick says that it will really cut down on the amount of “Wheel re-invention”. In the meantime, try to make some FarmBot friends in your city or on the Forum so that you can copy their sequences.


This is great timing!
See the thread I hopefully reignited at:

I would love to see and use a topic as suggested…