Change steps per mm in case of decimal number

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I am planning to move my Farmbot by a tooth rack instead of a belt. The idea is that the Farmbot can later move from one bed to another by another tray.
So I am using a different rack-wheel and I need to change the steps per mm. I went to the Farmbot App to change under “device” -> “Hardware” the steps per mm but unfortunately only whole numbers are allowed.
In my case I calculated a number of 3,74 Steps per mm. Is there a possibility to enter this value? Is this calculation done in Arduino or on the Raspberry Pi? I already had a look in the Arduino code at the parameterlist to find the value and change it there but could not find it. I would really appreciate if you could give my a hint where I could have a look to solve my problem.

Thank you a lot for your help.

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Welcome Klaus!

The conversion from millimeters to steps is performed in FarmBot OS. Allowing decimal inputs for the steps per mm value is planned, but right now we only support integers. One option is to round the value up to 4 as a workaround until the exact value can be used.

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Hi Gabriel,
Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I now use value = 4 until your planned modification is available.
BR, Klaus

Hi Gabriel:

Was the decimal input ever implemented? I have the Express v1.1 and it still seems to only take an integer. It would be useful to have a decimal as it would allow me to calibrate to actual real-world measurements on my garden bed.