Change Wifi network without using configurator mode

It would be extremely helpful to be able to change Wifi networks from the app without resorting to a factory reset and using configurator. Something like choosing a network on a computer. Not talking about connecting to Wifi when not already connected. Just want to be able to change networks.

@jimcowan if you need this feature urgently, it can be done over SSH as a simple FBOS database update. ( SSH was removed from FBOS over 2 years back but is easily reinstated )

Pragmatically, I think that implementing this Feature into the Web App would

  • Need a “few” days of effort ( code, code tests, build, integration test, document, etc. )
  • Need some strong justification of your Use Case ( story ) to move it up the development queue


If you need to change Wi-Fi networks on a frequent basis, simply have two or three (or more) freshly flashed SD cards on hand.

A brand new 8GB microSD card is about $8 from Amazon. The link from Amazon show their current Amazon’s Choice Link for an SD card.

After inserting the freshly flashed SD card into the Raspberry PI and powering up the FarmBot, it will allow you to access the configurator and quickly change from one network to another. The whole process should take about 8 minutes or less.

Because the vast majority (99%+) of users set-up their FarmBot on one network for life, we will not be adding any feature to switch wi-fi networks.

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