Check out our educational FarmBot with removable Garden Bins!

Hi guys! so we’ve had our crazy event and I’ve finally got some time to upload all the work we’ve done on the FarmBot!

I hope you all enjoy! :+1: :smile:

Youtube link!



Wow! This is great! Love it!

We also added a water pump for indoor demonstration purpose.

All the best for your future projects!


That was an awesome video! Thanks for sharing @Cjaramillogrows :smile:

Would you be willing to post the plans of your removable garden bed system on the wiki? I imagine a bunch of other educational institutions would really love to replicate what you’ve developed!


What a great build. Keep up the good work.

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This is great. It’s amazing what a high quality video can do for this product. Good job with the removable bins, they really add value to the FarmBot as an educational tool!

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yes! I did want to set up some documentation for our build to help any other educators out!

it will be a little while as we are in the last 2 months of our project contract so things are busy busy! but starting late December/ early January ill upload the docs for people to see!

Thanks for all the feedback with this guys! We worked REALLY freakin hard to get the FarmBot Mobile and usable for education.


Also, @roryaronson ill post it on the forums and also send you guys a doc file so you can upload it to the

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The FarmBot Wiki would be the place to post the documentation so that everyone can benefit from it. There are a few educational institution builds already documented, this would be a great addition!

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Roger that!

thanks @Gabriel

Awesome @Cjaramillogrows great idea on the swappable flood and drain tables they are huge!

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Portable table and removable bins is a great idea for classroom use. Did documentation/plans ever get finalized and shared via Farmbot wiki (or docs)? Would be of great help for others looking to do similar modifications.

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I’ve actually been working on getting all the material lists with the dimension cuts together so I can put those online.
The next part is figuring how to structure the instruction manual or guide so that people know what to you with all the V-rail cuttings! :ok_hand:

you wouldn’t happen to be John Wells, Professor at Virginia Tech with a video on the website, would you? :smile:
If so, I’d love to start a collaboration! I’m very interested in your FarmBot as well. :slight_smile:

Interested in just general plans, mostly of materials needed such as the V-rails, etc. and rough dimensions. Other details would be a bonus. The portable unit is ideal for schools and fitting subject area content/practices.

Any information would be welcomed, as would collaborations.

Interested in talking further about your system design and possibilities for collaborating - perhaps do so via email?

That would be great! I’m more than open to discuss this. Let me send you a message with my contact information. :ok_hand:


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Yes, we would be very interested in these plans. I have searched high and low for the Plastic Bins with no success. We are currently assembling one with wood, however I like your setup much better. So would our Culinary Department.

I would really like to obtain any information on how your setup is made and Information that you would be willing to share. We plan on using ours 24/7 once set up.

Awesome video! I’m curious as to what this does for the upward limit of farmbot’s growing potential. Pairing this system with an AS/RS would eliminate downtime for the machine, as when one bed is done being cared for, another could be swapped in!