Clash between water valve and UTM

I have recently assembled my Genesis 1.4 and found whilst calibrating the axes that the UTM hits the underside of the valve, causing the vertical movement to stall.
I could resolve this by putting the Y-axis stop a bit further in, but then I loose this area over my whole garden.
Is this something you have seen before and have a solution for or am I doing something wrong?

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@Sundew This is most likely a mistake during assembly. I will pass this message along to @Gabriel and @roryaronson as they handle hardware related matters.

It would be good if we could program in “NOGO” areas of the garden, where the toolhead won’t go. I set up some cameras mounted on the frame of the bed I’d like to have the bot avoid…

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I measured in the 3D CAD file and a clash is actually possible it seems with the 1,4 design. I resolved it by moving the valve. Maybe good for others to know too.


This is a side view of the FarmBot Genesis system. The water solenoid valve should be back and out of the way of the Z-Axis so there should not be any conflict between the UTM and water valve. @Sundew The photo that you show has the solenoid attached to the gantry in slightly the wrong location. If you are running into the gantry you may need to physically adjust your Y-Axis stops.



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Hi @Marc, thanks for looking into this.
It seems your 3D screen shots are from the Genesis V1.5 model where these issues were indeed resolved. In the shot you attached, I can see the different shape bracket, other location and the seed bracket on the gantry column.

The assembly instructions of V1.4 and the onshape model show that the valve needs to be mounted on the location where I originally had the clash.

But indeed, the new Genesis V1.5 location is where I have now mounted the valve too, and all is ok.
The cross slide does not run into the gantry, my hard stops are ok.

Maybe @roryaronson, a note can be added to the assembly instructions of the V1.4 Genesis?


This is one reason I prefer the solenoid and pressure regulator to be on the box as it was in V1.2.