Clone Mega2560 Board

Hello makers,

i had recently buy a clone Mega2560 Board.This board use CH341 as USB-Serial controller and, when i plug-in it on my raspberry, i can’t do something, like set to high the pinout 13 for exemple.

can you help me to know how i can force the raspberry to accept the arduino ?

thank you for your listenning.

Bye :wink:

Before trying to force the pi to use it, I would recommend plugging it into your desktop or laptop and writing a piece of code to flash one of the LEDs on it and see if that works because if it doesn’t it may be a dead board. I suspect this because I have never had any problems with the pi working with any clones of the Arduino.

Hello David, thank you for your answer,
I was already do this, plug the arduino on the PC, but he don’t work with the official arduino driver, only the CH341 driver.
Did i need to plug the arduino at the moment where the raspberry boot for the first time ?