Conception of automized modular greenhouse farming

Hi there.

This is my first posting here. I looked up the forum, but didn’t see an actually fitting topic.

We are some guys from germany and we thought about get some land and build a automatized greenhouse.

The land and the greenhouse is not the problem, we have some ressources there. We’re talking about a commercial type of greenhouse with a square surface of roundabout 1000m².

Problems aside the automation are to find the right legal form, as it should be a collective farming modell and there are some legal notes to respect. Also we are all full-time employed and working out how to implement that kind of farming into our daily lives.

Another issue is the farming concept. I would like to work out a greenhouse concept that will work in desert areas also as in urban areas or in agricultural areas. The Farmbot would fit into the concept of a urban vertical gardening greenhouse, together with hydroponics. The idea is to grow only vegetables, no rice, no wheat, no corn, only vegetables and this in a combination to each other that the using of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer would be obsolete.
For fertilisation one could fence some hens or rabbits for the green dump to generate guano and dung, paired with the hydroponics fishing.

For the open source conception I believe it will be necessary to plan the concept modular with breeding cells as you can call that. Each breeding cell, hosted by a farmbot has a maximum size (I read the topics of how big you can go with the farming) for an optimal input/output and how many m³ hydroponics are necessary to fertilize the cells. If it is kept modular, size doesn’t really matter, it’s only stacking cells.

The benefit of modular farming would be, that single units could be repaired or replaced without harming the farming process in complete and it would be avaible for all sizes and kind of farms.

What I want to ask is if anyone has experience and would like to participate?

Thanks for reading, Saxon.

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