Configuration Issues

Hello, I have ran into an issue while attempting to configure the Genisis 1.5V model. I have insured the correct and most up to date os has been flashed to the drive and the setup information is correct. The bot seems to be unable to connect to the “Message Broker”. It is listed as a code 26.

I am setting this up as a school project, and have contacted the IT department to allow the bot to pass through the firewall and connect to port 8883, they have assured me it is not the problem.

This issue persists despite several hard resets and restarts. A new issue has also arosen of the gantry having a rythmic clicking which I suspect to be a motor attempting to move. My diagnostic lights are a flashing blue, solid green, flashing red. I will attach a picture of my electronics box if that may help.

Also, I am using an 8GB SDHC card for the OS. It is not the one included with the kit.

Thank you for any help or advice.

Hi @Douglas I think you need to contact FarmBot Inc. for help . . you’ll need your Order Id.


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Thank you for the advice, will do!

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