Confused to buy which Stepper motor

Yesterday my old Stepper motor stops working. And at the pricing of repairing it i can buy a new Stepper motor after adding some money. So i starting searching for best Stepper motor for my Cnc router. My work is made easier by this article - Stepper Motor reviews. They list 10 best Stepper motor with their pros and cons. And at last they wrote a useful paragraph on - How to choose a stepper motor for CNC Router? They mentioned the points:-
Torque rating
Power supply
Unipolar and bipolar.

After reading the whole article I come onto a position where i can buy either RTELLIGENT Nema 23 or Bipolar 2A Nema 17.
I am slightly confused so what your reviews on both of the machine.
Or if you want to give recommendations for any other you can

Thanks in advance

This is a question for the Openbuilds forum as you want to build a CNC machine? I would post it there if I were you.

Thanks buddy for you recommendation, i will post there also