Connecting Farmbot to VR as Proof-of-Concept

Using Unity with the HTC Vive headset I was able to control the Farmbot by patching together a few simple scripts (C# in Unity calls Python script which makes RPC call to Farmbot Message Broker) . Happy to share scripts for anyone who would like to explore further.


The cool factor of this is off the charts! Thanks for exploring this space. Could be transformative, especially when planting or deweeding.

Interesting idea, @mikekubal
Would love to link to the code in the Awesome FarmBot list if you have plans to make it Open Source.

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thanks for the positive feedback. I was also think it might a fun way to ‘game-ify’ weeding and perhaps other tasks : )


Thanks @RickCarlino, I will tidy up code and am happy to share there.


Nice gamification.