Connecting power to the Raspberry Pi

Connect the raspberries Pi is the power cord with 5 v power adapter?

What do you exactly mean, please be more precise?

I want to ask how the power cord connection raspberries pie. But I have good connection. I followed them do. Power is the same. But my arduino was burnt out, the other is good. What reason be?

Machine translation to English seems to be failing here. It’s not clear what you are asking.

If you want to know how to power the Raspberry Pi, read the documentation for assembling the electronics box, step 10: connecting the Raspberry Pi power cable.

Plug the buck adapter into the top right three GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi. The empty header of the buck adapter should be “connected” to the upper right GPIO pin.

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thankn you very much.because my arduino was burned out, but the other is good, I don’t know what causes it.