Connecting Simulated AI/VR Garden to Raspberry PI

I am not sure how much sense this will make, but I am interested in connecting simulated garden created with Unity Game Engine for purposes of exercising farmbot, evaluating different strategies and just seeing if it can be done (need to do something while waiting for the snow to melt). Of course you really don’t have to have the VR aspect, but I suspect it will make it easier to understand the simulation than a bunch of graphs and data tables.

I was able to import the SLT CAD file into Blender, export it as an OBJ file, then import it into Unity. All the parts of the farmbot came in as individual parts which will make it straight forward to program and animate.

Here’s a little teaser simulation:

If anyone has any thoughts on this idea or would like to collaborate on it, please let me know.



That is very cool. I had been wondering about use a 360 degree camera on the robot arm of farmbot to capture 360 degree photos from a bunch of locations and them loading them in unity and having a way use VR to wander around (think google streatview for your garden). Would you be willing to put your unity project as open source somewhere (github perhaps)- I’d love to play with it and see if I can add a bit to it.

Thanks, glad you liked it. I know it is possible to apply a 360 image as texture to the inside of a sphere in Unity for a street view experience. Dynamically updating the 360 image as the camera moves around might be doable but tricky with a script, but give it a shot. I’ll add you as collaborator to the project on Unity Cloud so you can download the scene with the farmbot object/components in it (as well as bunch of textures, odd plants and other junk - I’ll slim it down later).

Good luck and let me know how it goes,

Fluffy, please send your email to so I can add you as collaborator to project on Unity Cloud.


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