Connectivity Issues

Hello! We are having the following problem with connection of the FarmBot.

We initialize the process, after which, everything is running smoothly, to the point where the FarmBot reboots and we are kicked off the wifi network. Upon completion of that, the FarmBot is shows “Not Available when the device is offline”

We are having a little bit of trouble with the setup process. Our network is completely free of any firewall interruption.

Hey Mate. When you say “to the point where FarmBot reboots”, what do you mean?

I had a problem where my FarmBot would be booted off the network for seemingly no reason after around a day or so. I’d have to redo the SD card each time. I ended up getting a new wifi router in the end.

A thing that may help is logging onto your router and ensuring the firmware is up to date. Which is like, your routers drivers… I think… You do it by logging into your router the same in the same interface you set your wifi password. I’m no expert, but I do empathise, connection issues are the worst.


Well, as per the instructional video, when the FarmBot initiates a “reboot” we are kicked off the wifi signal that it throws off and our computer will reconnect to the wifi network. It’s during that part of the process where the FarmBot is supposed to establish a connection with the Web Browser, however are waited about ten minutes to be prompted by the “The Device is Offline” notice. We tried redoing the SD card as well, but no success. Our router is up to date as well on the router, we had someone come and take a look at our internet connection, because we thought that was the problem, however we did not encounter any router problems.

So you are meant to be booted off the FarmBot wifi at that stage. So it sounds like your FarmBot is not getting onto the wifi properly.
Maybe make a hotspot on your phone and see FarmBot can use that wifi. At least that will let you know if that is the problem, it sounds like that is where your hiccup is.