Connectivity problem - Wifi advanced setting info



i have some problems with a stable connectivity and with some Logs. I hope someone can help me with this problemes.

Fehler Error connecting to AMPQ: :unknown_host

which setting should i use ?

with best regards Georg


Are you on a school or corporate network?
Are you behind a firewall?
Are you connecting using WiFi or hard wire Ethernet?


Hi @Georg,

You should have success without using any Advanced Settings. (i.e. just allow DHCP to setup IPv4)


Hi, well i use a Firewall - and i have a problem with the AMQP and the Token refresh


@Georg If you use a firewall, please take a look at this document, it will help you identify hosts that require whitelisting:


I’m also experiencing network connectivity issues with these logs:
Error connecting to AMPQ: :unknown_host
Failed to resolve {:error, :timeout}
Authorization failed: {:error, :nxdomain}. Trying again 4 more times.

Sometimes i need to reboot (code 26), sometimes the network comes back…
Practically, i can’t almost never run a sequence without an error.

How can we get information about the rasperIP, logs over SSH or anything else to understand what’s happen ?
Could you look at my diag dump Report v0th4 ?



@vroyer Are you running any security software, proxies or firewalls? Particularly, is there anything on your network that blocks access to TCP port 5672?


No firewall, otherwise it would always block !
The issue only happen on quite long sequence, not on small sequence.
This makes me think there is a rate limitation or a congestion somewhere in the software.

Sending the MQTT status (13Kb) almost every second to the AMQP serveur (France to east-US), latency will never be guaranteed, leading to sequence failure. In your design, the farmbot cannot run without a good connection to the AMQP and Web server, and if network latency is too long, it fails without any way to restart properly, the farmbot does not keep any state locally (like the mounted tool or the sequence that was running…).

I guess that when the rasperIP memory is filled of sampled bot positions awaiting to be send, it crashes, there is a producer/consumer issue. You need a back-pressure mechanism to slow down the sequence when your buffer is full, or drop some messages…


Your device is unable to make DNS requests. Check that your dns server can resolve and domains as listed in the document that Rick linked