Consistent "cable_unplugged" error messages

I’m getting constant error messages: {:cable_unplugged, {GenServer, :call, [FarmbotOS.Firmware.UARTCore, {:start_job, %FarmbotOS.Firmware.GCode{command: :G00, echo: nil, params:…

Running a Genesis V1.4.

This happens consistently when running my water all sequence. When it occurs there seems to be no way to resume the sequence and I have to reset the sequence from the start, leading to watering some locations twice (or 3 times if the error keeps on repeating itself).

  1. why are these error messages happening?
  2. How can I prevent these error messages?
  3. Is there a way to resume a sequence instead of restarting it? Using V3 of the water all shared sequence.

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