Constantly losing connectivity

For the past week+ my Farmbot has been losing connectivity constantly. I have flashed the drive, rebooted and configured the Farmbot, tried various devices and operating systems and whenever I go to use it it will lose connection and have to re-connect. It will only stay connected for a few seconds at a time. We have installed a router closer to the Farmbot and had no issues with connectivity until now. Any ideas about what might be happening?

@dinerbabe first check that a different device ( e.g. tablet/laptop/phone can successfully use Internet from the same Wi-Fi router that your bot uses ( use same SSID and passphrase )

If you have a Genesis model, it’s easy to connect a temporary Wired connection to that router with some CAT5/5e or CAT6 Ethernet cable, which might then point you to a Wi-Fi network issue.

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