Controllable Four Outlet Power Relay Module

Has anyone controlled a Controllable Four Outlet Power Relay Module version 2 ( into a Farmduino peripherals port? Just wondering if it will work as its 12v and the peripherals are now 24v.

This is the new version of the PowerSwitch relay module.

According to picture 5 it seems to be controlled by 3.3-60VDC. So I guess it doesn’t matter if you have 12 or 24 volts.

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Keep in mind the above outlet module does not allow one to control all four outlets independently. That particular design has a single switch input… meaning the three switched outlets (the fourth is always on) must all switch simultaneously.

If you want to control all four, consider hacking an off-the-shelf smart power strip. I posted something on this recently, let me know if I can help answer any questions!

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Hey Drew thanks could you share a link to your hack please? I thought that the relay did the following:
1 socket always on
1 socket switchable
The last 2 sockets switchable but not independently

Is that not correct?

Thank you for responding :grinning:

Because the power strip you get might have a slightly different design, I suggest you start at the official Tasmota wiki. If you’ve never worked with FTDI programmers and/or Arduino you may need to invest some time getting familiar with the tools required. The link in my previous post has some basic steps with pictures for my specific unit. It’s not overly complicated, but it may take several hours of dedicated focus if you haven’t worked with microcontrollers before. I’ll do my best to assist you if you take a stab at it and have issues.

That unit from Digital Loggers has a single input that controls three switch outlets. Two of those outlets are normally off, and the other one is normally on. When you apply +5v to the trigger it reverses the state of all three outlets simultaneously, disabling the outlet(s) that were on and enabling the outlet(s) that were off. Notice there is only one trigger circuit on the unit… it’s not designed to switch outlets independently.

Thanks Drew I will take a look in a couple of weeks when I’m back home, sorry for some reason didn’t see your original link.