Controlling servos

Aloha Folks,

I am interested in controlling some servos via the UTM for a custom tool. From what I understand, servos require a specific PWM signal that is quite different than a vanilla PWM signal. Is it possible to control servos with the current Farmbot software, and if so, how?
The only option I can come up with would be to add a uController on the custom tool that would read a pin or pins on the UTM and control the servos accordingly.

Currently, only the firmware supports servo control; there is not support for servos in the web app or FarmBot OS. Adding another microcontroller to your custom tool that can read an analog signal and convert it to the needed signal(s) for a servo would be the only way to go for now.

We do plan to implement servo control throughout the stack eventually, though it is admittedly low on the priority list at this time.

Firmware servo control is available in the Web App via the Set Servo Angle Farmware.

@ roryaronson OK, sounds good, just needed to know one way or the other.

@ Gabriel cool, I’ll check that out, thank you.