Coordinate system confusions and arrows movements in manual mode

I think we can set it up as we wish.but i have this logical picture in mind.
looking at the top view of the garden
if i move the bot in X to the right should be X positive direction
if i move the bot in Y to the upper part should be also Y positive direction
if i move the bot in Z up away from the ground should be Z positive.

but why are the arrows inverted. when I hit X left arrow, numbers move in positive. if I hit Y down arrow numbers move in positive, if i hit Z down arrow number also move in positive

also i can´t get the invert motors setting to work do I have to restart the arduino?

if I hit restart arduino it only shut downs the system, i does not reboot automatically. also wifi config is lost.

any hints about this?

Something happened to the invert motor stuff. Will check

Fixed in 3.1.6

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Great! Maybe this is related to my issues. Since version 3.1.5 I am having a lot of trouble to keep Farmbot connected and get it back on.
Everytime I use a fresh flashed SD-Card, the configuration works and Farmbot gets online. A few minutes later Arduino seems to get disconnected (doesnt take any commands and getting no information after F5). When I restart the FB, wifi gets up and after submitting the configuration it wont connect anymore :frowning:

Now I’m using OS Version 3.1.4 and it seems to be stable.

I plugged in Ethernet. It made the connection with 3.1.5 solid as a rock for me.