Custom made parts/components/prototypes

I’m a fairly new member to the FarmBot forum. I’m also a hobby machinist.
Reading various posts, I had the idea that many here might be interested in having a source to manufacture their prototype ideas/concepts or have parts or tools for the FarmBot manufactured from other materials.

I posed the idea to the Hobby Machinist forum that I’m a member of and many were receptive to the idea.
Here’s the link to the forum: Machinist Gazette

You would have to sign up and become a member to post your request.
I tried to ensure I wasn’t violating any site rules before posting this, so Administrators, please delete my post if it is a violation and let me know.


I forgot to add, if there is anything you consider problematic, but don’t have a concept/idea, just let me know and I’ll pass it along. Maybe someone on the MG forum could come up with a possible solution.