Custom Orientation of X and Y axes

System is Genesis v1.6 and software version is 15. Our system is intended for use as a K-12 STEM education platform to teach, among other things, Cartesian coordinates. We therefore assemble the system with the X axis extending in the negative direction. By default, FarmBot orients home with a positive X axis, positive Y axes, and negative Z axes. When viewing the jog buttons from this default setting, the negative X jog button is greyed out (because the setup assumes that from home the system must travel in the positive X direction).

How can I manually override the default direction of the X axis?


I believe that you can manually override the default direction of the X-Axis by going into the settings and inverting the X-Axis motors and X-Axis encoders. You will need to change the default setting from NO to YES.

Please see the graphic of the motor and encoder settings. These setting changes will reverse the direction of movement on the X-Axis on your FarmBot.

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