Custom server, Error opening AMQP connection for OTA certs

I am currently setting up a server (self hosting). The server is using port 80 for the app, I have not yet configure SSL (that will be a future question).
I have the log “Error opening AMQP connection for OTA certs {:error, :econnrefused}” everytime I reconnect my farmbot. I think it’s triggered by the following line :

I think it’s an issue with my server configuration, I don’t have this message when I use your service Everything (except custom Farmwares) is running well. What mean this error and can I ignore it?

@Pitou You will need to configure RabbitMQ to handle the correct certificates. The server at uses a managed host, so it is not something I have ever had to do and not something I can spend too much of my time investigating. If you are willing to do the research on it and find a way to use custom SSL certificates on a self hosted machine, I would be willing to update our build system to support it. Please let me know if you find anything out.