Custom Sized Devices

Hi Team,

I am looking at building a Device here in Brisbane Australia and had a question in regards to the size of the device. Could you see any issues in running a device 800mm x 6000mm (so around the same area as the 1500x3000 just thinner)?

On a separate note I can’t find much doco on what type of plants are best suited for farmbot and if a taller device would be beneficial. Do you have any advice around this?

I will most likely start to order the required parts over the next couple of weeks and start the build process shortly after.


Hey Peter, great question!

There should be no issue in making the device thinner. The current designs allow you to easily change the width of the gantry to whatever size you want.

In order to make a device 6m in length, you will obviously need to have longer tracks which means a few extra extrusions and plates, more cable carrier and brackets, and longer wiring/tubing.

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