Data Structure, Garden Profiling, Segmenting

First and foremost thank you! The lack of any sort of ‘terroir’ database with a robust collection of variables has been frustrating. As a farming/gardening enthusiast and erstwhile data analyst, this has proven extra frustrating.

What sort of database will this use? Sorry to skip so many steps, but I am curious as to whether you think there will be an API and the ability to export the data (e.g. in a CSV given certain parameters), if it will be aggregated in any way from FarmBot data, via OpenGarden?

The ability to use the garden’s profiles for filtering/profiling/segmenting the raw data would open up masses of insights!

If so, I was wondering whether you had yet developed preferences for unique identifiers for events, such as ID/XYZ/GPS coords of FarmBot and Timestamps?

Hey there,

I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about. The FarmBot web application,, or how the two work together?

To try and answer some of your questions: We will have unique identifiers for every plant, every garden, and every event. Everything will be tracked, and all of the data will eventually be exportable in a use-able and common format. Oh, and we’re using the MongoDB database.

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