Dealing with the ports that are needed by farmbot

I have incuded my work sheet for tuesday 10/29 hoping that others will comment . I am trying to get ahold of blocked ports in win10 , on my comtrend router, (which has a complete firewall) to say nothing about block ports by my ISP, which has been sold three times in the recient past.

this is a past of my facts yesterday:

Port fowarding on comtrend AR-5381U. Dealing with 1. Firewall 2. input ports 3.output ports.

Ports Needed. 5672 …1883…8883…80…443 for farmbot… Is this true?
Possibly open ports for that domain. My.farmbot.Io
My Lenix system on a rp3 processor is: called Farmbot-690f

I am able to get date to be renewed by configor,(wireless)…on channel 11 and router on channel 1… I then run the console by typing in My.farmbot-io on a wired only computer. I get the date and time and a disconnect.

At this point I have faith in farmbot… that it works, but these other applications are driving me nuts.

This is a link to a YouTube Video that will Show you how to check to see if your ports are blocked by your internet service provider.

Can you go to the website for the port check tool website:

Open Port Check Tool - Port Forwarding Port Check Tool

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