Dealing with weather in northern Vermont, Concord Elementary

We have a problem control!!!

We have to start our summer plants in Feburary and work within a 90 day frost to frost gardening season.
We expect our kit to arrive the first week of March or so. By the time the students and I get it together it is into April. This is to late to start our Greenhouse plants to be transferred to the outside garden in June when the soil is above 50 df. We have light frost the first week of june usually.

I have the 2X10 to 1.5 X 3 m. frame set up in my living room.

Do you have any suggestions as to my making a .one half inch cdx plate four inches down and putting 3” peat pots on a 3X3 inch grid into the frame and using your software to plant and water the seeds under t5 grow lights in the room with warm soil?