Decibels produced by FarmBot

I was wondering if there is information available about the amount of noise an operating FarmBot produces.

The motors sound like a 3D printer’s motors. So not very loud, and they have a mesmerizing sound to them. The watering nozzle sounds like a quiet hose on the shower setting. The loudest component by far is the vacuum pump for seed injection. We’re still researching the best pump to use that balances electricity draw, size, noise, reliability, and suction power. We’ve tested ones as quiet as a room air conditioner, to as loud as a loud vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately we’ll probably need to go with something larger and louder because reliability/performance is more important than noise level.

While it’s true function comes before form here, I’d like to run the FarmBot in my backyard. If it’s too loud, I can’t schedule any routines in the night. I might wake up neighbors, but more importantly, I sleep very light… :smirk:

There should be ways to dampen the noise from the vacuum too. ie: putting it in a sound-insulated wooden box or something like that.

I’m going off this video now to get a rough idea of the noise produced by an operating FarmBot.

There seems to be a certain speed of the steppers that really resonate with the frame, where it seems to really rattle a lot.

It looks to only be on the z. That is also a long z rod. My guess is the vibrations could be damped. If not changed in firmware settings. Acceleration looks to be whare it is louder. Keep in mind this was early on the design.