Decision Support System source code


I would like to contribute to the DSS component but I can’t find the source code. I found a quite up to date documentation here but their is no link in the last sentence: “View and contribute to the code on GitHub here”.

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Hi, thanks for your interest. What manner of contribution would you like to make?

The wiki page modified date was reset when we recently switched our wiki software. The part you mentioned referred to a prototype we used to have a long time ago. Thanks for bringing that to our attention; I’ve updated the page. We currently don’t have any DSS code, so you are welcome to start it if you’d like.

If you are more interested in contributing to the data sources, you may check out OpenFarm or compile a list of potential web resources for the DSS to use on the wiki.

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for your answer. I really think that farmbot can be really useful at small scale only if it really comes with the system that has the capability to “use all available data to create an optimized operations to grow plants”, as you describe it in your wiki. The capitalization on the community of all farmots daily monitoring data can enable to build a proper database quite fast.

I would be glad to start a new project from scratch but I see that this project has been around for 2 years ( and the documentation given in the wiki is already quite advanced for an abandoned POC. Is there really nothing to keep from it ?

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Unfortunately the original POC was a very rough POC that was built with Scala and heavily dependent on Amazon’s web infrastructure. It was two guys’ school project and more of a learning experience for them rather than a contribution we really planned to use. It was built over two years ago and has not been touched since because the original authors were not interested in maintaining it or furthering their contribution after the school project was submitted. So after many inquires on the repo but no actual contributions, we decided to delete it because it had become outdated and so unmaintained.

We do plan to implement a Decision Support System eventually, and maybe you could help us bring it to life. Though right now we’re focused on building out and stabilizing the core features of the software suite: Manual Controls, Sequences, Regimens, and the Farm Designer.

Do you have any ideas about how to implement such a system?

Hi Rory,

Alright then, let’s do it from scratch. I am far from an expert in that matter but I do have ideas, some coding skills and agronomist engineer friends that I ask for some advice.

My ideas was to be build something modular enough to start small and compose on top of it.

I think the initial basic design describe in the wiki can be a start to build something that can simply generate a “Farmbot Sequence” from an initial crop growth model (from OpenFarm for instance). Does this part already exists ?

Then we can start on the interesting part which is the engine that can use machine learning techniques to improve the models automatically based on data gathered around the world (not in control data: sunshine time and intensity, crop evapotranspiration etc. / controlled data: watering, space between seeds etc. / result: crop health …).

My thought was first to get an idea on what already exists in term of crop growth models (schema/format and implementation) in open source. Then to evaluate what kind of data can we really gathered from current farmbot sensors and especially crop health (can we determine this just through image processing ? not sure about that). And besides that starting to develop a first modular software to handle a first dummy decision algorithm.

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