Deleting multiple plants

I want to delete a batch of plants of the same type. I found this article that describes how to do it but the delete multiple button does not appear for me.

How do you delete an entire crop of one type?

For that matter, how do you edit an entire crop say from ‘Planned’ to ‘Planted’?


@mvillion I use the farmbot JS package to do those tasks . . Farmbot “resources” are manipulated using the RESTful API. If you’re not a ‘JavaScript type-of-guy’ there’s a Python API library as well.

No luck for me either.

A lot of things changed recently and the documentation does not fit to the current version of the webapp.
The delete multiple command is gone now and in my opinion not needed anymore if you have the proper tools for selecting. Unfortunately there is no proper way to select all plants of one type from the “select” panel as you mentioned.
You can create a group containing all plants of that type as a workaround and change/delete the plants inside that group in step 2:

Create a new group and select the plant filter that you need.

Hit the select button

Now you can delete the plants or update the status of all plants at once:

Rory will most likely update the documentation as soon as they are done with the big changes on the farm designer. I really like the progress on the farm designer right now as the functions feel intuitive and helpful if you have worked with it for some time.


Wow. This is really cool.

Thanks for the guidance. I can do the functions I need now.


Thanks for providing the help everyone!

Yes, as mentioned, the state of the software documentation has fallen a bit behind the state of the app recently. But, you can expect a full rewrite/new version of the documentation when the fully 3D farm designer is implemented later this year. Along with the all new designer, there will also be updated styling of the panels and menus, and a reorganization of various settings and interactions.

Moving to the fully 3D environment gives us a lot more creative freedom to position digital controls and interfaces in a way that more directly/intuitively correspond to the physical machine/real world. Going to set up a Pin Binding? The 3D environment can zoom into the electronics box to show available pins and where exactly you can plug something new into. Have a new message in the message center? Check your mailbox :mailbox_with_mail: :smile: Should be a lot of fun!


I have tried this approach and it is not working. I selected three plants in a group and attempted to mark them as planted with a date. The date does not ‘apply’

As there is a new version coming out, I will wait and retest when it is released.

I tried the above technique to set Start Date and Plant Type on a new Group of 3 plants (selected by filters) and it ‘applied’ for me.
I had to be slow and careful to read various dialogue boxes that appeared.

I found the problem.

If you change the date in that ‘select’ page - after applying - the date jumps back to ‘today’; however it has actually changed the date on the individual plants.

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