Delivery Schedule

When can I expect delivery. I was told by Rory that packaging would be completed last week with this batch of Farmbots being shipped out by the 9th and that I would receive notification of shipment. The unit was purchased in the first part of June with a July delivery date. It was then moved to August and now here we are the 12th of September and still no Farmbot. I have emailed trying to find out what the deal is but no one is contacting me concerning the latest delay. I hope this is much to do about nothing and it shows up this week, but that is not what my gut is telling me. Someone needs to contact me, please.

I am having the same issue. Starting to get very frustrated.

Hi again @BRutherford,

My apologies for the further shipping and communication delay. I just got off a plane flight after visiting our manufacturing and supply chain partners for the last week to help get things finalized and sped along. First of all, here are photos of our (250!) v1.3 kits so your gut can rest assured that your FarmBot does indeed exist.

Below are (almost) all of the parts in the kit. Please note that the kits do not come partially assembled as shown here - that’s your job!

Close up of the new injection molded tools. These are lighter weight so they magnetically attach more securely to the UTM. The seeder and weeder blades also feature brass inserts to make the threading more robust. These parts are also lower cost to produce, which is partially why v1.3 kits are less expensive.

Our new power supply shown in this photo is IP67 rated waterproof, so it can be mounted right on the side of a raised bed instead of in a plastic box. It also plugs directly into the Farmduino, so you don’t need to wire this part yourself.

Close up of the new electronics configuration. A little surprise in the v1.3 kits is we included a 1.5m LED strip that can be strung through the gantry and plugged directly into the Farmduino :seedling: :flashlight:

Speaking of electronics, here are the Farmduinos! Each one has the stepper drivers pre-mounted and every single board was tested with motors and encoders before we packed them up.

Here is how (almost) everything fits into the v1.3 main cartons before a small amount of filler packing is added for protection:

And here is the main carton sealed up with edge protectors and polystrapping, with a bunch of the plate kit, power supply, and plastic parts boxes behind. We did a much better job with packing density this time around, so the v1.3 boxes are 40% less volume which is partially why we were able to lower our shipping costs as well.

Now for some so-so news: despite our best efforts to start shipping on the 9th, a few parts got stuck in customs and we’re now in a holding pattern :frowning: I’ve been calling UPS every chance I get to check on the packages and make sure they don’t need any more documentation from us, though it feels like its in their hands at this point.

Otherwise, everything else is packed and laid out as shown in the photos, but we cannot ship the complete kits until they have every single part included. We’re making moves to consolidate our supply chain so that delays like this don’t happen in the future, as well track how long these things take to move around the world so we can plan better. In the meantime, this is our reality and the best we can do. I hope this resolves some frustration and shows to everyone that we’re so, so close to getting these awesome new kits into your hands. I’m as anxious about it as you are!

Ok, now time to catch up again on emails, and make a more official announcement/update via the email newsletter :peace:


Thanks! Im really excited about the bot. I hope to do a talk at my local elixir Meetup in December.