Delivery Timetable

Hi Rory,
Thank you for pioneering this revolutionary technology. If I order now, are you still on track to deliver for February, or is there a backlog?

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Fortunately we are still on track to ship the pre-orders from our first production run in February. However, just a few days ago we sold-out of the first production run! Any pre-orders placed now and in the future will be shipped later than February with the most accurate estimation listed on our website’s pre-order page.

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Congratulations on a sold out first run. That’s really exciting.

Hi, I ordered just after the first run. When can I expect delivery?

Questioning that myself. I ordered a Farmbot the first part of June knowing that the next batch would be delivered in July. Communicated with a Kevin Bertolero toward the end of July and was told there were some supply issues and that it would be August before deliver of my Farmbot. I have attempted to contact him on several occasions during August with no luck. Here it is September and still no Farmbot. Becoming extremely disenchanted with the entire process. Someone with the company really needs to contact me on this matter.

Hi @dgamache and @BRutherford,

We’re beginning final packaging September 5 and plan to have the first kits out the door by September 9.

Also, @BRutherford - my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Kevin was handling some communications with us for the past few months but has recently taken on a full-time position with a new company. I’ve taken over his email but was out of town the last few days and got a bit behind. I will follow up with you shortly.

Was just contacted by Rory and given a timetable for delivery. Thank you for that. As soon as I receive product, I will post that it has been received and proceed from there. We have plans to utilized Farmbot in the greenhouse during the winter months. We have raised beds we installed this summer in anticipation of the product and designed them to fit the Farmbot. It seems that the holdup with communication has been folks changing positions in the company and I simply fell victim to small company growing pains and fell through the cracks.

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Thanks for your understanding @BRutherford. I’m looking forward to seeing your greenhouse setup!