Detecting and Identifying insects for pest control


Knowing about the presence of certain type of insects at an early stage is crucial to prevent a plague that can ruin you crops, especially inside greenhouses.

Usually the task is taken care by a human in the field to detect the presence of those pests to implement the adequate prevention mesures.

This is a time consuming and subjective approach that I believe could be solved by Farmbot, if you incorporate sensors capable of identifying insect type and quantity, logging and notifying them for human action(for now).

I believe you could use the technology described here. It’s made with cheap sensors and can even distinguish if the insect is male or female.

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That technology sounds fascinating, and could be a great DIY mod or add-on. We have priorities that preclude us from working on it, but you are welcome to work on it and implement it yourself or with other members of the community. Share your results if you do!


There are many different insects identify techniques and equipment that can be used to detect insects in the air, on plants, and even on and beneath the soil. Having pests removed is a costly thing, but the costs of not finding an infestation early can create a bigger issue. Because pests can create diseases very quickly if left to their own devices, the greater the size of the infestation, the more costs you will incur. So using various techniques or getting a pest exterminator in Fairfield County CT, both will help to remove all pests which can lead to your property damage in future.


@MarianneRuss, Can you please state of that identification techniques and equipment available?


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