Detecting Plant desease via camera

Hello Farmbot Enthusiasts!

Just heard from a German start up, which is developing an app to detect plant disease via photo. To me it sounds like an awesome feature for the farmbot. That could bring so many opportunities in case of plant health and spatial disease monitoring.

Link is:

This would be really cool, the only issue is the camera on farmbot is a 10 dollar boroscope, it does not have good color reproduction or the resolution needed to achieve this goal. You would need to upgrade the camera in all the farm boys, and there is a bit of a size problem with cameras that are capable of taking photos nice enough to use that software. But, by all means, I would love to see you try it, or I might even look into it to see if it is possible.


have you tried to handle a farmbot-captured pic with the api (e.g manuelly)