Dimensions for Tool Head and tools

Is there a source for the dimensions of the tool head and various tools ?
I’ve found the CAD files, but dimensions not visible.
I was hoping to find something more akin to blueprints/drawings with listed dimensions.
I’d guess it’s possible to download the files, open it up with a CAD program (which I currently don’t have), and get dimensions, but hoping for easier solution.

You can use the dimensions/measure tool in OnShape when you open the CAD model to get dimensions. It’s the measuring tape on the bar at the bottom of the screen. To get detailed dimensions of component parts open the parts files in OnShape.

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I tried that, but some components only list surface area and not the actual dimensions.
I’ve got an idea for, what I think, will be a better seeder head.It seems to me that the current seeder with the Luer lock needles and vacuum pump is an overly complex system and, from comments, seems to be somewhat unreliable.
While I haven’t researched it completely, I get the idea that it requires multiple trips back and forth from the seed trays to the planting locations. This seems to me to be an extremely inefficient system for planting.

@jpigg55 We are developing a seed drill seeder tool for the FarmBot. Although it is not currently on the top development priority list right at this moment, it will be similar to the Sow EZ tool. This tool will mount on our UTM tool and it will be similar to this tool by the Sow EZ seeder tool company.

The FarmBot seed containers need to be located within the domain of the Y-Axis. You may need to add a spacer or adjust the mechanical stops on the Y-Axis to allow the FarmBot to access the seed container.

​To get the best plant growth we recommend that you germinate the seeds and plant the sprouts instead.

From a plant reliability perspective, we suggest that you germinate the seeds indoors in a controlled damp environment using dampened paper towels in a ziplock bag. Then plant the sprouted (germinated) seeds by hand. You will be much better off simply planting the germinated seedling plants by hand and recording the locations of each plant in the FarmDesigner page.

The reason why we suggest this is because there is always some portion of seeds that will not germinate. Even under the best conditions some portion seeds are simply duds (defective) and they will not germinate. So to eliminate the possibility of dud seeds, we suggest that you germinate the seeds in a controlled environment and then plant the sprouts.

Please view this YouTube video:

Also this video on germination is a good resource also: https://youtu.be/nuE9zpdo67Y

We recommend to get the best plant reliability, the best option is to sprout the seeds inside your house in a warm damp place using paper towels.Then take the sprouts and plant the sprouts in the garden. Then enter the X and Y co-ordinates into the FarmDesigner.

Watch this video about how to germinate seeds: https://youtu.be/9Qg9RlStYTQ

This video about germination is also good: https://youtu.be/54y-6LlEFjg

Once you plant the germinated seeds you will find that the reliability of the plant will be very high. In general seeds may not germinate because of specific local conditions. Once you enter the X, Y coordinates into the Farm Designer you can monitor the plant progress and manage plant growth.

Watch this YouTube Video to learn about the Farm Designer: https://youtu.be/GVb4fYaqy2M

Although under certain conditions the seeder tool does work well, the seeding sequences can be very unreliable because they require the seeds to be picked up by the vacuum needle seeder tool. It requires a very high level of precision and a spherical seed and there are many potential reasons why these seeder sequences fail.

You will need to use high quality pelleted seeds to get the best results.

Watch this video to learn more about pelleted seeds.


The SowEz reminds me of the game Downfall I played as a kid. @jpigg55 was this your idea?

Is this the game “Downfall” you mentioned in your earlier post?

I guess it is a bit like downfall, but it it more like a hand held seed drill.

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No it wasn’t, I can’t claim any credit for the idea.
It is a neat idea very similar concept to the old plate planters of my youth. While fairly effective, they had issues like the need for multiple plates required depending on seed type, shape, size, and weight along with desired seed population.
While the SowEz attempts to forego with multiple plates by incorporating multiple hole sizes into a single plate that oscillates vs rotates, it will suffer from some of the same issues. Not a problem for an individual since they would detect these failures at the moment, but not so on a platform like FarmBot without some sort of detection system.
The concept I had in mind is closer in operation to a combination of early air planters and grain drills. I’m still trying to work out the details, but those planting systems were a lot more versatile than the current system or the SowEz in the variety of seeds it could handle.


It is a hand held seed drill as you say. It just reminded me of downfall :slight_smile:.

I love this idea!!!

My planting reliability has gone way up since I created a hole digging tool - my seeder never goes into the soil. But, the something like this could take reliability to the next level.