Disease/crop rotation

Whilst dull, I’d like to point out that commonly a three/four bed rotation system is used so that a particular plant is only planted in that bed for one of the four years leaving a year for fallow (sometimes) and three for rotation.

My beds grow beans, courgettes and sweetcorn (none of these go well for a CNC bot), root veg and the final salad.

This looks good for salad, herbs and root veg, but not idea for all crops (obviously)

Mixing the varieties does cause problems with disease and pests that can be avoided with proper rotation.

I would probably have two CNC farmbots and move them between beds each year on a rectangular frame. The four beds which are 3mx1.2m produce more than enough food if properly managed for a year for a family of four.

Crop rotation gives various nutrients to the soil therefore it must be performed properly. It prevents from various diseases and controls insect and mite pests. For more details and article you can visit, where you can get all the things related to pest control and many more.