Diverter channel for Tomatoes (pictures)

I added these diverter channels so I can grow tomatoes beyond the X-axis range of the FarmBot. Just used rain gutter and PVC irrigation pipe from a big box DIY store. (The brown box between the tomatoes is a SubPod worm composter)


Hi, nice. I saw something like this proposed on the farmbot website.
Question, did you consider extend the rails ? This should work also and you could get full functionality. You could even put the tomatoes outside the raised bed in some flowerpots… with your channels.

All good comments. I am somewhat constrained by size of my overall garden. This is the biggest planter I could put in the front yard and still incorporate the SubPod composter and the 2 overheight tomato plants. The rest of the garden all around the house is served by a multi-zone drip irrigation system controlled by an Orbit B-Hyve. I also have some rain barrels that I use as a supplement supply for my 8 citrus trees so they can get manually flood watered when needed.

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