DIY Build Savings Calculations - December 2023

Hi everyone,

I’m new here but I’m considering getting a FarmBot Genesis but find it to be a little bit outside of my budget at the moment. To figure out how to save costs I sat down and did some calculations based on the Bill of Materials (BOM) about how much one could save by 3D printing as many parts as possible.

To do this I put the BOM into a spreadsheet, briefly glanced at each part, and evaluated whether it would be possible or practical to 3D print the part or not. I then labeled each part with a Yes, No, or Maybe and did =SUMIFS() functions to estimate the likely min/max range for how much one could save by doing this.

The results are:

  • You can save between $1800 to $2300 by doing a DIY build of the Genesis XL.
  • You can save between $600 and $1100 by doing a DIY build of the Genesis.

Some caveats:

  1. This assumes that you will be ordering non-printable parts directly from the FarmBot company, and that you will be paying the price listed in their BOM.
  2. This does not include shipping costs for ordered parts.
  3. This does not include the costs of filament or 3D printers – it assumes you already have both.

Anyways, wanted to share this in case someone else is trying to decide whether to do a DIY build or not. I tried to attach an .xlsx copy of the spreadsheet I used to do the calculations, but I am not allowed to upload files yet because my account is too new. However, if you would like to take a look at the spreadsheet to double check it or tweak it feel free to reach out and I can send you a copy. Cheers!


would love to see the .xlsx copy!

I would love a copy too plz!

I never got a copy

If you are still willing to share your results (xls), I would very much appreciate a copy thereof.

Yes. I’d love to see the spreadsheet too. Maybe you can add it to your fork of farmbot-genesis?

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