DIY Farmbot on top of WEEDINATOR used with no dig gardening beds system - Europe location

Hi all farming funs,
I would like to open discussion about DIY Farmbot build which would be used on top of machine with wheels like WEEDINATOR project. That would be used with no dig gardening beds system. I consider all these 3 project really amazing and for me it give sense to connect these 3 systems together. The Farmbot idea to make bot which help people to grow food by themselfs is something that can change our lifes. I believe that it will bring people back to nature (not oposite) and also can give all of us more independenc and a bit more stability in our lifes. If same amount of resources which is put to autonomous cars development would be invested to systems for nearly autonomous food growing it would change our lives. So really thanks to all people who cooperate on Farmbot project or similar projects.

I am looking for people which would like to move Farmbot project to next level or new era let’s say. People which can really invest especially their time to the developement. I believe that together we can build something amazing even without a huge amount of money invested in it.

I am located in EU and can work mostly on hardware. I have experiences with own builds of 3D printers and now also with own CNC builds. Soon I should be able to provide and support you with this CNC build which could be used to produce parts for the DIY Farmbot and further developement. I am also building a toy for kids where they would be able to construct working model of Farmbot Nano which I would like to introduce on Maker Fair in our country.

Do I find people with similar thinking which would be really willing to invest their time to this developement and research? If so then I am looking forward to meet you here.

We all can help to make a future of food growing together…

Thanks for your time and I am looking forward to see your messages here.

Have a good farming time :slight_smile:



Yes, I like your idea.

Please let me know how we can collaborate.
We buy it a Farmbot Genesis XL v1.6 that we hope it will be delivered in December.

Kind regards,

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