Do older boards ever actually come back in stock?

I’m trying to build my own farmbot essentially from scratch minus the mainboard. But there is not a single one in stock on farmbots website except for the 390$ version which is a bit expensive for my budget to spend on a single part. The older 1.3 and 1.4 boards are much more in my price range and fit with more of my components but seem to always be out of stock. So does anyone know if such parts will really ever come back in stock?


Hi Oliver,

Once we run out of stock of an older board version, we do not re-run manufacturing for it. If you are looking for an affordable DIY option, I recommend looking at the v1.2 design, which is based on stock Arduino MEGA and RAMPS boards.

Hi Oliver,

I wrote a guide on how to manufacture the Farmduino device on ones own. Please see GitHub - paulhaufe/farmduino-pcb-howto: A guide to build farmduino by farmbot on your own. But it will only be more cost-effective if you sell the remaining boards to other users unless you find a PCB prototype manufacturer with MOQ 1.

Many greetings


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