Do the cable carriers from inventables work?

The design calls for the cable carriers with a bend radius of 28mm (See By bend radius, I am measuring the radius to the center of the carrier (not top or bottom). When I measure the radius needed for the z carrier, I get 53.5mm from back of cross slide plate to front of z axis cable carrier implying a bend radius a tad under 27 mm but 28 would probably work fine. However, the problem is that looking at the datasheet of the drag cable from the DragChain.pdf file found at, the bend radius of this drag cable looks like it might be 38mm. Perhaps it is available in 3 different radius but what inventables is shipping has a bend radius of 38 mm and does not work.

The smaller drag cable that is 15x30 from inventables does have a bend radius of 28 mm so we are trying to use that for the z axis. Not sure if everything will fit inside it. The mounting holes don’t line up and the carriers brackets are too wide but it looks like it will probably work.

Are other people managing to find cable carriers with a 28 mm bend radius?

Any thoughts on this? Thanks

There is a spacer block that you can 3D print in the current CAD model which, along with M5 x 45mm screws, will allow the 15x40 cable carrier to bend with a larger radius.

Also, the cable carrier mounting holes were changed to slots in v1.1 to allow mounting of different cable carriers, including the 15x30.

Thanks - I had missed that. That all makes sense now.