Does anyone have links to pelleted seed suppliers?


I am looking for an online supplier(s) of pelleted seeds.
Anyone know of any?


@Intelbotfarmer We’re investigating a partnership with seed companies that sell pelleted seeds known to work well with Farmbot’s seed pump, but don’t have any “official” recommendations for this yet.

With that being said, Johnny’s and High Mowing Seeds do offer pelleted seeds.


Thank you!


In poland we have very good seed company with long traditions. You can ask for shipping to USA or other countries.


I loaded the page using Google Translate, but it (Google Translate) has a tough time with technical Polish terminology…
We did manage to find some locally, though…
Thanks again!


Btw - while pelleted seeds were more uniform and regular in shape, one drop of water into the seed bin can turn them into a big mushy blob.
Not sure how to tackle this one.
The watering structures (hose connection, tubing, solenoid valve, hose to UTM, UTM) seem to “leak”. I put leak in quotes because it does not really leak, but rather does not have a positive shut-off at the UTM. This then allows for residual water in the line (from the solenoid to the UTM) to “drip” (again in quotes because it is not constant - just every so often, usually when Y or X axis movement occurs, and seemingly when it is directly over a seed bin. There is a greater chance if the bin is full or if using pelleted seeds. :wink: )
The drips occur, in my opinion, due to the water either falling out due to gravity or maybe due to a very small amount flowing through a closed pressure reducer.
Possible solution: Maybe some type of plug on the seeder and soil sensor tool (Weeder should not care about a drop of water) that seals the water outlet on the UTM while that tool is in use.


I agree with you on this one. I recently planted ~30 carrots form pelleted seeds using the seed bin. Things were working great until the drip started to disintegrate the exterior of the pellets causing many of them to clump and stick together. I had to finish the process manually. I am going to work on a modification to the seed injector to plug the water line.