Drainage question for mobile raised bed

Hello. I have purchased a Farmbot Express v1.1 and the Mobile Raised Bed to the instructions here: Building a Mobile Raised Bed | FarmBot Express Documentation

I see that I am supposed to put a tarp in before adding the soil, but am confused about drainage. How would I drain if there’s a tarp unless it’s somehow permeable. I see several other questions in the forum about drainage with the mobile raised bed, but none seem specifically answered except that drainage is indeed important.

I’d be very appreciative if someone could help me out with what should best be done. Thank you.

You need to use a permaeble cloth. I used a standard landscape fabric. You don’t want to use a solid tarp.

Got it. Thank you.

For my farm bot, I went for a plastic sheet to prevent the wood from rotting where it touches the soil.
I did make one small hole at the bottom of the lower part as drainage. My thinking was IF there is water buildup, it will need to drain out somewhere and I would prefer to have the water damage one small area rather than all of it. So far, not one drop has left via the drain but my FB is in a polytunnel so it does not rain.

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