Drv8825 stepper motors

Will drv8825 stepper motor drivers work or should I order the 4988s?

Do the drivers need to be calibrated for vref with the small potentiometer on the board?

The reason I ask is I can’t get the motors to run with drv8825 drivers. They won’t move when I click the buttons in the farmbot gui.

Any other motor tshooting tips would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @fa082998

I am using drv8825 drivers for every axis and it works great. You may need to adjust the Vref to 1V. You can find additional information here in the forum.

Are your motors giving any kind of response when you hit one of the buttons? They should at least make a clicking noise or even stutter shortly. If this is not the case, check your power supply for Arduino/ramps and connections.

Have you plugged in the DRV8825s correctly? The potentiometer screw for those boards is on the opposite end of the board when compared to the A4988s, which means they will need to be mounted on RAMPS in what looks like an opposite orientation.

Be very careful with this. Plugging in a driver in the wrong orientation is a quick way to damage the electronics. And of course, make sure everything is unpowered whenever you swap drivers.

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yes looks like they are all connected backwards.

if they were plugged in and i applied power to the rams should i assume all the driver boards are bad? How about the ramps board? Any easy way to tell or just buy more and swap?


one other note, the toggles on the hardware page under advanced are not working. they just stay centered and yellow. when i click it says toggle request sent but they don’t change color or move. is this an indicator of failure of the stepper or ramps board?

From what I’ve read on Google, they are not instantly broken when connected wrong. Better try if they are working or not :slight_smile:

Your problems with the toogles could be related to a missing connection to your Arduino. Make sure it is connected and flashed successfully after configuring the wifi.