Dutch marketing

I am very enthusiastic about this new feature.
If you guys need some help to sell this in Holland let me know. I have a great connections.

Hi Jos,

I live in Holland and I am very excited about FarmBot as well. Also I am a deep learning engineer.

I was also looking into this: http://www.bluerivert.com/

Would any of your contacts be willing to use FarmBot and develop a solution of automatic weed destruction using machine learning and FarmBot?

The impact of such a solution would be amazing.

Hi Jos and others,
I am starting a group in Nederland / Rivierenland building a Farmbot, maybe more… I would like to do this from scratch and doing so contribute to the experience and design of Farmbot. The company I part-time work is probably able to supply several parts (aluminium frames and 3d printed parts).
Anyone interested in joining in?
grtz Esteban van Zeijl

Hi All,

I just started a Meetup group that will meet early Feb. Got some great responds already. From CNC engineers to farming experts. So looks promising! Just search for ‘FarmBot’ in the Meetup directory and join!

Hi to all,

Guess that there is a growing community of FarmBot users/adepts in The Netherlands (Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam). Recently we pre-ordered a FarmBot kit. Hopefully this kit will arrive in Feb. It is our goal to have this robot up and running before beginning of april.
Have to find a suitable playground though ;-).

Let’s keep each other informed and help out when possible.

HET LAB Rotterdam.

Hello @Sietse, @blauwer, @nsilva, @Jos, @HETLABRotterdam,

We have just launched our Farmbot Kits for order, and we can also ship to Netherlands (free delivery).
You can check our website http://wefarmbot.com/en/2 to have a look and leave feedback.

If you are interested, let me know, i will be more than pleased to help you.

Thank you.

Hi to all,

My name is Peter Kuijpers living in Moergestel The Netherlands.
Beside a fanatic in growing my own crops I have a technical development company Innotech.
I really like the Farmbot idea because I’m already involved in automation projects yet, please have a look at my website.
I’m thinking of building my own Farmbot version. I do have experience in plastics metals CNC machining, 3D printing but I’m a rookie when it comes to electronics and software.
Looking for cooperation.
Providing specific parts for other makers is an option as well.
To avoid any misunderstanding; I,m not participating for commercial reasons, just wan’t to share my skills and facilitty with you all to bring this free farming idea to the next level.

Tom, from Het Lab, please keep me informed as soon as your kit has arrived.

Let’s keep in touch


Hi Peter, and the others,

I look forward to communicate and cooperate. Farmbot will be sent this month. Hope to be able to start as soon as possible. Whoever wants to come and see how the installation will take place is welcome. I’ll keep you informed through this channel, and when more operative via mobile phone a/o email. Let’s make farmbotting a succes and a big joy to work with.

Greetings, Tom

Hi to All!

My name is Lonneke, I’m an Embedded systems engineering student en together with another student and senior engineer we’re building our own farmbot, based on this one.

We weren’t able to get the same parts for a nice price so we are making a slightly different construction.
At this moment the software and electronics are working, we have some small issues with implementing sequences and regiments. The spot in the garden is also made this week, so we still need to design some mechanical parts. But hopefully in one or two weeks it is up and running :slight_smile:

Let’s keep in touch!

Hi all,

I’m Bram from Greenhouse Group Labs, we are also working on a project with the Farmbot to explore the possibilities. We hope the Farmbot arrives in the next coming weeks! I would love to see how your own project are going and share some thoughts and stuff :wink:



Hi Peter,

We have started building our Farmbot (earliest version) just 3 weeks ago due to the hassle of moving our LAB to a new location. On fridays Rolf and I go step by step through the assembly procedure and gain a lot of experience by doing so. We see the beauty of this kickstart project and derive pleasure out of the building activities. Even the problems we encounter, and there are a few, make us eager to continue.
The build-up takes place inside. Wouldn’t recommend building the Farmbot in the open air, nor working at your own on most of the steps.

Last week we arrived at the configuration of the web app.

It’s a pity that we don’t have the time to follow all relevant hardware and software updates. We can observe though that Farmbot continues to improve on parts of the whole Farmbot setup.

Feel free to invite yourself to visit us.


Hi All,

We are working on fine tuning our Farmbot. We however are in need of a new location. Who would like to team up. You bring the location, we bring the Farmbot. We all make it grow! Area The Hague/Delft preferrably.

Best, Sietse